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Gabriella learnt to love orchards, vineries, wine and pálinka-making in her grandfather's wine cellar as a child. She has worked as a sommelier, and now after becoming a certified pálinka master, she specialises in tasting and assessing the most flavourful spirits.

The young mum has worked in the wine and spirit industry for 10 years and built an excellent reputation. She is a member of the national judging panel for evaluating pálinkas in Hungary and since 2017 she has been a judge for the International Spirit World as well. Gabriella is passionate about food and spirit pairings so in addition to running pálinka tasting sessions and courses, she also helps restaurants create their pálinka selection for their menus. Gabriella believes that pálinka is not only an aperitif but also an important part of gastronomy. As an expert, she aims to demonstrate the versatility of pálinka and how it can be well paired to so many dishes.


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  • Once you picked Gabriella, contact us to choose a date
  • Get ready to let the her in at the chosen time 
  • Sit back and relax while your Gabi takes care of everything
  • Take the compliments and enjoy the tasting with your guests!